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Muslims, Prove your Citizenship !

January 3, 2020 Leave a comment

सरकार, मै एक मुसलमान हूँ जो भारत के झारखंड राज्य के पाकुड़ जिला में बहुत वर्षो से रह रहा हूँ . अभी विवाहित हूँ, बच्चे हैं , और घर नहीं हैं, किराए के घर पर रहता रहा हूँ.80094702_10221710328566288_3970073519936503808_nकृपया यह बताने का कष्ट करें कि नागरिकता संशोधन क़ानून के तहत मुझे किस प्रकार से सवाल करेंगे , किस प्रकार के कागज़ात मुझसे आप मांगेंगे ?

सरकार मैंने सुना है, कि आप हिन्दू,इसाई, जैन आदि , सभी धर्म के लोगों से अलग व्यवहार करेंगे, और हम जैसे मुसलमान धर्म के लोगों से अलग व्यवहार करेंगे – मुसलमान के लिए इस क़ानून के तहत अलग नियम है !

सरकार , ऐसा क्यूँ , क्या हम इस देश में दोयम दर्जे के इंसान हैं ?
हमने तो भारत के संविधान और मूल्यों के बारे में यह समझा था , कि धर्म के 

नाम पर कोई अलग बर्ताव नहीं होगा. और कि यह धर्म निरपेक्ष राज्य है … फिर सरकार के रूप में आप मेरे साथ और मेरी तरह रहने वाले पाकुड़ के अनेक मुसलमान भाईयों से (जिनको कई लोग बांग्लादेशी घुसपैठीया बोलते हैं) ..अलग बर्ताव (तंग करने वाला) क्यूँ करेंगे ?

Why should my Muslim brethren be compelled to furnish extra document proof , to get Citizenship (when the people of other religions do not have to) ? This isn’t the Idea of India that the founders of our country visioned !!
Take Back CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act).. It is against the very spirit of our Constitution !!

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Learning on Bicycle with Dad

January 3, 2020 1 comment

It was cold with weather forecast of some rains , but still the spirits were high and people turned up for the CAA, NRC protest program at Gandhi statue Morhabadi. There were approximately 1500 people, and speech, protest slogans/ songs are going on.  During a tea at the tea stall nearby Ankita asks Zohra, my daughter studying in Class 4 and accompanying me – Do you study Constitution in your school. Zohra says ‘Yes, that Men and Women are Equal’ ! (that is how she defines the first thing in Constitution about) And there are very few women around !! IMG_20200102_130641

The solidarity with people around and slogan, songs, photo-selfie happens for 2hours. My contact list on the phone adds 10 new contacts. I get time to meet new acquaintances from the news portal Caravan and our friends of the Mahasabha. As the program comes to an end at 2pm with the drizzling rain, they help me get an umbrella and I bicycle down to home – Zohra sitting behind.

At home, it’s time to change all the clothes as they are wet, and have hot tea, and a late lunch, tucking ourselves inside the Razai (Quilt). Watching Rishi Kapoor’s Karz , singing to Tina Munim ‘Tu Sola Baras Kee, Mai Satrah Baras Kaa’ and I explain to Zohra the teenage attraction phenomenon (which her elder brother might be going through !)

In the evening we watched ‘Purush’ a 2 hour play on television. Maybe the original play was in Marathi with Nana Patekar, 15 years back, but this televised Hindi version had Ashutosh Rana. He played the role of a Politician who is known for sexual harassment and then rapes a social worker who was fighting the MeToo case. And when the exploitation / violence happens she says ‘How has this Idiot become a Politician (disgusting)?’

Today is 3rd January, and across India Savitribai Phule’s Birthday is being celebrated by women and LGBTQ groups to mobilise protest against CAA, NRC …and there will be a small program in Ranchi too. Will she accompany ( I have told her that Ujjna will be there) ? She says ‘Let’s go on motorcycle’ but her Dad is bent on acting Green – riding on a bicycle !!

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MMS and Touchphone

A month back the first Touchphone came into my hand. Gifted most of my things are.. by loved ones (will not name here).
I was excited ..but as usual in a restrained way (have began acting a Yogi.. satisfied with whatever little). Ha Ha .. Nirvana is a long way far ..maybe not my goal.. as want to remain a human ..experiencing the elements of desire and narrating the same to all.
Well I was telling about this Touchphone.. Rimil was too excited.. hoping to play games. But Papa is too strict about it. Papa (me) started installing the essential applications.. and then it started indicating lack of disk space ..and so inserted a SD card of 8Gb ..googled ways to change memory location and installed link2sd app for the same.
I have always titled my blog posts ..based on a song or film ..and this technology instrument reminds me of MMS film in Hindi.. which I have always missed to watch as ..children are around when it comes on my Tatasky channel. While my children have watched adult films like ‘Blue Lagoon’ since they were 6 years… I am a little apprehensive about storyline videos.. which are now easily available on the internet.
I remember when while ..travelling in a passenger train in Chhatisgarh accompanying traveller showed me porn videos on his smartphone. It was evening hours ..the travellers seemed to be the daily ones like.. who keep watching these or playing cards to entertain.. time pass.
So the thoughts are about the best use of these tech-smart instruments.. and if not feminise them.. at least ..prevent them from being violent.. in their imagery and hence adopt appropriate privacy , security options.
And so here goes my first post ..using a Touchphone !

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