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MMS and Touchphone

A month back the first Touchphone came into my hand. Gifted most of my things are.. by loved ones (will not name here).
I was excited ..but as usual in a restrained way (have began acting a Yogi.. satisfied with whatever little). Ha Ha .. Nirvana is a long way far ..maybe not my goal.. as want to remain a human ..experiencing the elements of desire and narrating the same to all.
Well I was telling about this Touchphone.. Rimil was too excited.. hoping to play games. But Papa is too strict about it. Papa (me) started installing the essential applications.. and then it started indicating lack of disk space ..and so inserted a SD card of 8Gb ..googled ways to change memory location and installed link2sd app for the same.
I have always titled my blog posts ..based on a song or film ..and this technology instrument reminds me of MMS film in Hindi.. which I have always missed to watch as ..children are around when it comes on my Tatasky channel. While my children have watched adult films like ‘Blue Lagoon’ since they were 6 years… I am a little apprehensive about storyline videos.. which are now easily available on the internet.
I remember when while ..travelling in a passenger train in Chhatisgarh accompanying traveller showed me porn videos on his smartphone. It was evening hours ..the travellers seemed to be the daily ones like.. who keep watching these or playing cards to entertain.. time pass.
So the thoughts are about the best use of these tech-smart instruments.. and if not feminise them.. at least ..prevent them from being violent.. in their imagery and hence adopt appropriate privacy , security options.
And so here goes my first post ..using a Touchphone !

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