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O Ri Chiraiya

Yesterday we bought a small battery backed ampli-speaker with mike. I had surveyed the market earlier and with family we visited the shop at Ranchi Roshpa Tower, which sold guitar, harmonium etc. Rimil tested the system over there with the song ‘O Ri Chiraiya’. This is the latest sentimental song which came up in the first episode of Aamir Khan’s Satyamev Jayate.

We (means Rimil and myself), had downloaded the song as soon as we viewed it on the TV. StarPlus has uploaded the song just few minutes after the telecast. Rimil has a solo song competition coming up after the summer holidays (a vacation of almost a month 10th May to 10th June, in all Ranchi schools). While we were discussing which song to prepare, this came up.. and we went ahead to google the lyrics… found it and then wrote the song in devnagri script (Hindi) with the help of the latest of Google tools I am using.. Google Transliterate.. which provides support to write Hindi in Mangal font ..while working offline.

So now Rimil has O Ri Chiraiya.. in Roman and Devnagri script in his hand and he has started practicing  singing on the mike. And yes, he is able to get the pick up the music and mood well in his spirit. When we sing together.. I do see a good possibility of him becoming a good co-singer with me.. something like a son-father team ..performing for social causes. Would like to see this dream coming to reality ..even if in small manners !

Last words, there has been a back biting team working on Aamir, as Mr Perfectionist, trying to en-cash the sentiments that people express, and making profit out of it. This is highly cynical, and would rather like to have more dream makers like him to come on the world stage and take the task of social change ahead. Another thought that has come to me.. is to initiate a local Satyamev Jayate Campaign. Any buyers to this idea.. let us work together !


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