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How a Child is Born ?

The parrot that I referred to in my last post died 4 days later, maybe due to cold winds. It (or maybe she) did not eat for 2 days and we tried giving him paracetamol but she did not regained back… Now the cage lies empty and the little Zohra is not able to watch her play. Well .. by the way, Zohra’s antics are just superb and captivating. She has many names ..Rimil calls her with filmy names like Priya, but her homely name remains Khushi.. for happiness.

This write up comes after a long gap .. just because of some engagements and the non-accessibility to laptop and internet during travel. I have almost stopped traveling with the laptop as last 2 years I suffered a setback when my hard disk crashed, water spill over my laptop, .. in turn giving heavy burden on me financially.

In fact I have virtually become dependent on these electronic equipments like mobile, laptop, camera, digital channels on television, and any damn information / entertainment resource on internet. This dependence is reflected in my daily routines in everyday life. Sleeping tired at night after working online, getting up at 6-7 am ..potty, brushing of teeth, checking of mail or status of torrent downloads, exercising (that’s on almost second day now), breakfast, pushing Rimil to school, then .. just intermittent periods of online working with breaks of caring period for Zohra, … all through the day, and till afternoon, when Rimil arrives from school and starts his cartoon channels.

My engagement with television .. NDTV news, DD Lok Sabha, Colors Big Boss, MTV some adult type reality show, Sony dance /song contests, Star Movies or HBO channel movie, .. Regarding Big Boss.. have seen almost 20 episodes and even Rimil has seen it, but hasn’t got to see adult versions of the same. Deepti (Priyasheela’s home name) is also nowadays interested in how these grown up boys and girls live their real lives together and wonders how this show is so entertaining for a lot of us… soon she will also find it entertaining. My opinion .. the depiction of real lives on the channels has really impacted upon the middle class attitudes and lifestyles.. in their movement.. higher up on the social hierarchical ladder.

Till few days back Rimil had the understanding that Zohra like other new-borns comes out of mother’s stomach by cutting it across. But few days back when he saw ‘3Idiots’ he has got a different understanding.. that a child is born from ‘potty door’ (he shows it physically by bending down’. He is almost near !

Will come again later. Till then .. Bye !

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