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My Family Grows

November 14, 2010 Leave a comment

Frankly speaking, I am not a believer of that traditional concept of family where the male has to earn for the female and children, where the relationships need to be eternal and longlasting.. basically relationships is about walking together of personalities and getting tuned to each other’s likes/ dislikes.. and like any relationship marriage should also be permitted to have its ups and downs .. am I getting towards indicating something about my personal life .. should I do this publicly ?

And all types of relationships has its ups and down .. whether live in or contractual as in a marriage .. its minus and plus points. And somehow its the female who has to face the brunt .. as she has to carry the baby, doesn’t have property rights and have a house / job of her own , etc. And what happens when you get tired of trying out different relations and want to have ..peace and ‘not in-move attitude’ after an age in life?

So in the recent days when I have enjoyed family life for over some years (got married in 1998, first child in 2001 who died within 72 hrs, and then son Rimil born in 2004, and now Zohra).. we have another family member .. a parrot we have named ‘Queen Elizabeth’.

Bought her for Rs 180 and then a cage worth Rs 120.. yesterday we bought rice grains (Rs13 per kg), guava (Rs 16 per kg) for her .. we all also serving her ‘chana’. Rimil and Zohra are excited ..feeding her her water ..let’s hope that she learns to speak fast. Hoping her presence will make the family life more preetier !

Why this (Another) Blog ?

November 12, 2010 Leave a comment

Hi Everybody !

I celebrated my 37th birthday on 27th october. Have been residing in Ranchi now for 5 years and have done some amount of blogging on blogspot – check …been into development work for almost 15 years now.

The things that I enjoy in life is the  cultural taste of different individuals and communities, and the wide diversity that exists in life around us. My personal experiences have helped me in cherishing this diversity…

Born in Lucknow, with Urdu / Muslim culture, nor regular goer  to Church, studied in Christian college, then college in Muslim University Jamia Millia Islamia, parentage half UP -ite half Bengali (mother a Bengali Christian), both working, etc

And later during / after college venturing at my to search own self, trying new possibilities .. venturing with left and ‘pro-people, anti-development’  groups, exploring tribal life and becoming a part of it with my marriage to Deepti. Now we have two child – Rimil is my 6.5 years son (name means Clouds in Santhali / Mundari tribal langauge) while Zohra is my 7 months daughter (name after Zohra Sehgal, famous theatrist now in her 90s, the name is not in Urdu dictionary which I searched on the net, later my Professor in Jamia told emailed that it is an Arabic word meaning blooming.. and she was born on the Sarhul, the day the Chota Nagpur adivasis were celebrating nature festival and prayig with flowers). With Rimil’s B’day on 30th march and Zohra’s B’day on 18th march, we plan to celebrate it only once .. best would be in April as the March rush of activities will be over !

Thus in a way I have started what I intend to do .. share personal experiences and get to hear responses on the same. The women’s movement has taught many that ‘personal is political’ and maybe this personal expression will help me/us in carving my/our politics of engaging with life / society around me / our selves.

In the past one year my engagement with online life has increased and I would really like to understand whether this engagement will really help in bringing about some change or not .. whether social networking / blogging change the way the life has been for all of us …in India or world.  I am on Facebook

I want to write this blog at least once every week. Let me see how quick and non-filtering can be in expressing what I feel about .. would not like this to be another of those impersonal accounts of events which does not ‘moves’ the reader… Bye !

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